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Mirror Your Servers/Network into your Private Cloud

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Got business continuity? While most businesses are still trying to figure out what "cloud computing" IS, we emphasize what it CAN DO. Not only do we provide cloud server hosting solutions, but our Mirror Cloud system brings it all together for a full business continuity package. What this means: your servers and desktops are continuously being replicated to your own personalized, secure private cloud, giving your business TRUE business continuity and instant recovery, no matter where you are located or where your servers are.

The Pronet Mirror Cloud provides

  • Continuous Data Mirroring
  • Data Recovery
  • Failover Virtualization
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • Offsite Security
  • Monitoring & Management
  • Vastly Improved Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  • ...just to name a few

Falling right in line with our Business Continuity Services, the system continuously mirrors data at the block level, which drastically improves your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). The mirroring process allows you to recover up to the last second before a system crash, and you can recover data to any 15 minute point in time from the past day and beyond with your own customized retention policy.

All cloud systems reside in our lock-tight, secure, and redundantly-connected data center, freeing you from having to build and maintain your own. By outsourcing the cost of aging physical hardware, expensive power and HVAC cooling, and by eliminating the risks of local theft and catastrophe, your information system risks are drastically reduced, if not eliminated altogether. Heck, we need business continuity too, so we use this environment for our own gear as well!

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Written by ryan

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