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The Importance of Backups in Risk Management

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 17, 2011 2:39:17 PM / by mike

Imagine that you walk into your office tomorrow morning and your entire computer network is missing. Your computers are gone, your servers are missing, your data is inaccessible. You came to work expecting to check your email, contact your clients, work on your projects, bill your customers, but the question is - will you be able to?


Now consider your existing risk management policy and how insurance is supposed to help. This one is simple. Any insurance claim cannot recover or rebuild your lost or corrupted data. This means your customer lists will still be missing, along with your record of accounts receivable, your actively working projects, and whatever else you store in your digital filing cabinets, even if you receive brand new systems.


And although you might not ever arrive at your office to find your computers missing, you are much more likely to arrive at your office and experience something just as tragic as losing all of the information that is stored on them.  What good are plastic and metal cases and components without the valuable information they store?  You must protect this information, and this is where the value and assets of your business lie.  Remember, it only takes one technological disaster, one virus, one electrical surge, or one hardware failure to be the equivalent of having all your computers being thrown out the window.


As you can see, your data backup and recovery planning is a big component, if not the most important, in business risk management planning, and now more than ever is the time to consider the role your backup process currently plays in your business risk management puzzle.



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Written by mike

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